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BACKUP AS A SERVICE – Quick and Easy Backup to the Cloud
Backup as a Service (BaaS) ensures constant backup of the data and cloud infrastructure, and its quick recovery for the customer in case of unexpected data loss. The main advantages of BaaS are:
  • Cost optimisation achieved by the demand decrease for the internal resources
  • Automated backup of "AZCLOUD" customers’ and customers’ own virtual infrastructure at our data center
  • Secured backup of data at the diferent location via encryption
  • Backup scheduling on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis as per customer’s backup policies
  • Incremental backups after the initial seeding ensure that resources such as storage and bandwidth are efficiently used
  • Self-service console for backup implementation, its management and quick data recovery
  • 24/7 technical customer support by "AZCLOUD" staff 


1 virtual machine
0 AZN per/month
1 physical server
0 AZN per/month
1 workstation
0 AZN per/month
Repository disc space, GB
0 AZN per/month
Total amount : 0.00 AZN per/month