With the help of "1C AZCLOUD" on the terms of a profitable subscription, all basic operations on the funds of the enterprise, counterparties, transactions, personnel, reports, etc. are easily carried out. Thanks to cloud technologies, there is no need to install software on each office computer, and at the same time, all employees involved in the processes are provided with simple and convenient access to the program via the Internet.



RELIABILITY: Safety and reliability are provided by the best Data Center of Azerbaijan

ADAPTATION: Adaptation according to IPSAS and IFRS standards

UPDATE: Each time there are any updates in the program or tax legislation the system is being updated for free

SUPPORT: 10 hours of training regarding the usage of the system and 24/7 support in case of any questions/ problems with the system

THE MINIMUM STARTING COSTS: You pay 30₼ monthly fee for providing you with a high level of service, updates, support, etc.

WARRANTY: 1C Accounting is available to you 24 hours, 7 days a week

VARIETY OF REPORTS: Accounting; Purchases Production; Selling HR and Payroll; Finance (Finance Calculations) Warehouse


More information: http://hesabdar.az/