In some cases, it becomes more difficult to store data, it’s possible to collect more information, while the amount of information increases. Usually this information is not suitable for everyday use, but it can be useful at any time. For this kind of information, Azcloud cloud services offer the service “Archiving as a Service” (based on LTO technology).

Considering he shelf life of 1-5 years of hard drives, 3-7 years of DVDs and 5-8 years of flash drives, archiving based on LTO technology allows you to store data up to 30 years at a more affordable price.
• Unlike foreign cloud providers, our services are provided as soon as possible
• Reduced infrastructure costs
• Archiving and retrieving large amounts of data stored over the years
• Exemption from large monthly payments
• Large volumes (TB)
• Ability to compress data up to 2.5 times
• Ability to store up to 15 TB of data on one medium (type LTO 7)